Alter Table Command help?

Kindly write down the all commands of ALTER TABLE and also told the meaning of this sign <>

ALTER TABLE command modifies the schema of the table. DBMS like SQL Server allows addition, removal and modification of any columns in an existing table. For example we created a table with this SQL query:

                                           MemberId integer primary key NOT NULL,
                                           FirstName nvarchar(50),
                                           LastName nvarchar(50),
                                           DateOfBirth datetime,
                                           City varchar(75),
                                           ZipCode varchar(12),
                                           Email varchar(200),
                                           DateOfJoining datetime
 This table is created in the database. After some days we are asked to add another column named "Address" in this table, Then we will use following SQL statement for this task.

Alter table Member ADD Address Varchar(30);  

And "<>" operator is used for "not equal to" statement. Its function is same as of != operator.
Hopefully, this will help!

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