CBR and Bridge for Lan extension?

Q1) CBR is used to send or receive audio and video data at same rate.Plz provide some example of it for better understanding..

Q2) The device 'Bridge' is use for LAN extension.

The CBR service class is planned for real-time applications, i.e. those would be appropriate for voice and video applications. The consistent availability of a fixed quantity of bandwidth is considered appropriate for CBR service.

A bridge is used to join two network segments together. They can also be used to divide large networks into smaller segments. Bridges can be used to connect two or more LAN segments of the same type (e.g. Ethernet to Ethernet, or Token-Ring to Token-Ring). Like repeaters, bridges can extend the length of a network, but unlike repeaters they can also extend the capacity of a network, since each port on a bridge has its own MAC address.

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