What is CSMA the R access?

Q1. Is in CSMA the R access mechanism is used ? and how it is written as R access or R-access mechanism?

Q2. If we want to form a network in 2 rooms of a building then does it mean that there will be many comps in each room of the two and we will make network of all.Or there will be one comp in each room?

No such thing like R is used in the CSMA/CD as from its name Carrier Sense Multiple Access/ Collision Detection is itself an access method, if you are trying to say some thing else than clearly state the issue. To have network in multiple rooms in a building you have 1st to know the needs or the requirements of the network (the number of the systems required in a room or possible requirements means more systems to be introduces in each room in near future) then you will design the network and deploy it.

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