What is implicit and explicit data ?

What is implicit and explicit data ?

Explicit data means the information which you directly get and understand from other person’s conversation. For instance, two persons i-e A and B are talking to each other. A tells B that He is going to have dinner tonight with C at 8, 00 o’clock. From this conversation, we came to know that A and C are going for dinner. So, this is explicit information, which is expressed and clearly demonstrated by the individual A.

While implicit data is the indirect information we understood and implicit by the conversation of others. For instance from the conversation of A and B, we came to know that:

· A and C are good friends.

· A use to take his dinner at 8:00 clock

· A enjoys gathering with friend(s).

So this data is called implicit data which we implied by the conversation of both persons.

Another recent example is Malal’s issue. The explicit information about this is that:

Taliban attacked Malala and her fellows because she is an activist working for the education of girls. But the implicit information people got from this incident is;

· Taliban are against women’s education and Malala Yousafzai became a threat to them.

· The law and order situation is alarming in Swat.

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