What is Partial Listening and Proactive Listening?

What is partial language and proactive English?

Proactive listening is to be willing and disciplined to listen. You need to listen receptively to become proactive listener. Proactive listener not only tries to listen to the content of the message but also hears for emotions and feelings of the person being listened. He/she tries to grasp the inherent meaning and underlying intent. Such type of listener not only listens but listens to understand what the person is actually saying. When it will be appropriate, such listener will let himself silence and take time to process information before reacting to the content itself. He/she will try to judge the emotions through the tone of voice facial expressions and body language so as to grasp the real intent of the person being listened.
While partial listening is one of the listening levels a listener may achieve or indulge in. A person involved in partial listening will not give attention to each and every stimuli transmitted by the speaker. He/she used to partially listen to the content of the message. He will not acknowledge and evaluate some of the stimuli transmitted by the speaker due to some reasons like; decrease or increase in the voice and pitch of the speaker, grammar, mannerism etc will affect the tendency of the partial listening. So, this level of listening prevents the listener to completely understand and evaluate the message of the speaker and may lead to miss some important information.

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