What is Reticent + Social Reticent

Meaning of Reticent

Reticent means those people who do not reveal their thoughts or feelings. In other way you can say that they are introvert and not very much expressive.

Socially Reticent

People feel their self loners, reticent. Some of them make themselves avoid to social encounters because they don't make too much friends. Some of them make friends but looks they keep themselves reticent or never express anything just formal hello and etc. Because expressing makes them uncomfortable.

Some people encounters some bad things in the past and make themselves limited to self personal. Never express makes them comfortable. Positive interactions and meaningful interaction with others are difficult to them.

May be some love thing on social or may be some misunderstanding. That's called social breakups make them feel trouble while expressing. May be others never understands or thinks of fool.

Reticent Solution

If you feel yourself reticent lonely or you don't want to talk? Keep going to merge with people talk them even it hurts you in beginning but slowly slowly you will keep enjoy and then you will enjoy talking with other. You have to help yourself to become reticent to charming.

Share your thoughts if you know anyone reticent. Anything that makes you feel trouble about reticent people.

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