Coaxil Cable Networking in 2 Rooms + Coaxil Cable Definition

If we want to build a network in 2 rooms of a building can we use coaxial cable will be used ?

There are some factors that we must consider while using network cable for example size , cost, reliability , speed, security, growth, Electrical Interference  and administration etc. you can use any media according to your network requirements.

Yes, you can use coaxial cable if you have more budgets and coaxial cable can support more distance as compare to twisted pair cable. But now days twisted pair cable is widely used due to some disadvantages of coaxial cable.

Coaxial cable was once widely used for connecting computers in local area networks (LANs) but has been replaced by twisted-pair cable because it is more expensive than twisted pairs and is not supported for some network standards .When shopping for cables, only fixed size may be available. Besides bulkiness, coaxial cables can be difficult to install.

Coaxial Cable

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