Device Ownership password in Intel Proset Wireless

After updating the device driver of wireless or network card a person must face an issue which is most common. Device Ownership Password for Intel Pro-Set wireless is been asked, on windows while connecting to any WiFi Device.
There are two problems that occurs when you update your wireless driver of laptop/PC.

  1. Single Sign On Problem (concerned to WiFi protection/security).
  2. Device Ownership password for Intel prose.

What is Device Ownership password in Intel Proset Wireless
If you go to Control Panel,
select "Remove/Change" on the Intel wireless,
then select "Modify" and "Next" you'll then have access to the installed settings.
From here,  uninstall/unselect "Single Sign On" and WiFi Protection or securiy.
These will turn off the prompt.

Hope it works for you. it works for me

Are you getting a request for a “Device Ownership Password” every time you try and connect to your or someone else’s wireless? Essentially, the Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software has Wi-Fi Protected Setup enabled, which will make you supply the device ownership password every time. In order to be able to log in without supplying this, you will have to make a quick change to the setup of the wireless software

To fix this: Go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features) -> Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software -> Modify -> Then UNcheck Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

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