Why Human Computer Interaction is Important

 I want to know that why Human Computer Interaction is important. In my view this course is just information as we know just how human and computer interacts. this has nothing to do with practical life. Kindly Explain.

Purpose of this course is to provide students about the knowledge of user centered design approaches, usability engineering methods, interface design principles, prototyping techniques, software evaluation methods, heuristics and related application areas of interactive computer systems.

 So, we can say that Human Computer Interaction has its own life cycle model that execute in parallel during the whole software development keeping in view User. It has role in Domain understanding, requirement elicitation, analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance.

  All these areas of HCI have a wide scope in software industry like in mobile application development and all others. HCI also deals in every industry where a computer chip is used in devices (e.g. washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, aero plane etc).

Every concept of HCI is of practical in nature. If you work hard and grasp concepts of HCI you will find many practices.

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