File Size Limit Reach - Wordpress PHP File Limit

A friend ask me that "I have a contest plugin. When user upload larger pictures >10 MB the upload breaks and users aren't able to upload pictures and their file on my server how do i tackle this problem on the live server.

File Size Limit Reach PHP

This is the simple WordPress or you can say a PHP error when PHP Limits occurs. You can do it using PHP.ini if you have access to it search for a variable called upload_max_filesize and change it to 32M or 64M. and also post_max_size and change it to 32M or 64M.

Both you can find in different lines so search it separately.

upload_max_filesize = 32M
post_max_size = 32M

File Size Limit

Is there a restriction in WP too? What else could be the reason is wp_config file which is in your root directory of WordPress install.

You can see the current wp upload limit on the page "add new media" via the wp admin menu. If you choose a file exceeding that limit, there's a proper error message.

If the plugin is not using the WordPress uploader, it probably has its own upload limit set somewhere.

Check your web host upload limits too. I was having a similar problem with gravity forms, and found my host had a 10mb limit. If it's a multi site, maybe it exceeds the quota.

You can set wordpress upload file size limit in your config.php just go to and write any where in the file

WordPress Memory Limit

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');  

it will change the limit of your file upload. If it Couldn't then comment we will reply you.

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