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Customer Portal let your customer get self-service support. Where submission of support tickets and they get replied to their issues. Large scale companies used CRM to make stronger communication with their customers. Knowledge base FAQs are provides them to help common issues.

Customer Portal Facilities:
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions).
  • Invoices of the products they purchased.
  • Quotes of different products.
  • Products listing which products recently launched.
  • Services the company providing.
  • Documentation of different products how to use.
  • Contact and customer supports franchises.
  • Accounts to handle their own transactions how to pay.
  • Assets which are pending of customer or how company assets works.
  •  Projects related to Customer and Organization of Customer.

Vtiger CRM - Sales Software - Marketing & Support

Vtiger CRM is an open source version of Customer portal or CRM is also called cloud software. You can say forked by SugarCRM with fully open source features. Having a numbers of functionality like SugarCRM. Vtiger has also the functionality of . It has customer portal as well as Outlook plugin in its free edition.

Vtiger released in 2010 with cloud application supports. Have new interface of advanced reporting and email campaign. Multiple Database Support security and various different forms support with management of security how use interact with them.

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Yeti Force CRM - Customer Portal 

YetiForce is flexible and customiezed solutions for those companies who are looking for a solution for wide range user friendly and configuration tools. The system made for numeruous safety enviroments and provide reliable system for large and medium sized companies.

Yeti is Open Source Portal:

  • Modern design
  • Intergation with CRM
  • Starting screen
  • 14 modules

Yeti is Open Source CRM:

  • 40 user modules
  • 50 configuration panels
  • Built-in email client
  • Marketing, Sales, Projects, Support, Teams

Mobile Support CRM:

  • Calls from CRM
  • History synchronisation
  • Notes synchronisation
  • Shared calendar
  • Shared contacts
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    Clientele - A secure client portal 

    Every client will have their own account that has their own Dashboard for them. That board allow them to provide and monitor project status. Downloading and uploading their desired documents. Communication supports and other facilities.

    Clientele make possible phases project details and accomplish your work by assigning tasks. Available in only $15 on Code Canyon.

    Features of Clientele

    • Single dashboard for client to access activities and gain access to allowed projects.
    • Admin area which will handle clients and projects.
    • Secure management of documents which document seen by whom.
    • Secure login system with multiple admin supports handle by admin from back end.
    • Enable or disabled uploads by client.
    • Email notifications different projects related stuff.
    Read about Clientele on Website

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