Wicked Lasers Torch – Camping Flash Light Starts Fire

Camping flash lights are way better then ordinary torch's having only one quality for providing light. A long drive or mountain visit require fire, food and a setup of proper light which makes your survival easy and joyful. Wicked lasers introduced a smart camping flash light, not only allowed you to brighten everything in picnic camps but a perfect companion for tough conditions.

Wicked camping light helps you to stay joyful by not only providing light, rather it's a temporary camping stove, and bon fire lighter. A must have camper flash torch to survive the harsh situations. The shiny white light brighten your way  and complete your necessary needs.
You can start Fire with this torch light as well as it can Fry an Egg.

Aluminum anodized body of flash torch strong enough to produce fire in tough conditions. Maximum 2000 hours of expected halogen headlamp life. Adjustable reflector allows the light to be used in a narrow searchlight pattern or a wide floodlight pattern.

The built-in battery provide support to operate flash torch in 3 power modes large and low area light, starting fire. Light in a spread manner, light in straight line or fire torch can be used to start fire. Flash torch has a lockout mode, for accidental prevention. Light can be recharge without removing the battery can be called a plus mode. Recharging can be performed without removing the battery.

Features of Flash Light Torch

  • Flash Light produce fire for camps and emergency.
  • Flash torch can helps in frying Egg using powerful battery and heat resistant lens.
  • Bulb can be last longer then 1,000 hours.
  • Lockout mechanism to save battery and to prevent from automatic fire.
  • An smart flash light for camping and tour purpose in just $199

Words from Wicked Lasers:

Wicked Lasers says that the light produced by the Flashtorch is powerful enough to be used for starting campfires or even frying up an egg for breakfast. The device is available right now for $199.95 and certainly doesn’t sound like something you would want to give a kid. The 18650 mAh battery is good for 10-40 minutes of use per charge depending on the power setting.

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