GoPro Camera Stand - Slope Stand offers 20 angles for GoPro

Slopes becomes a unique stand for GoPro Hero Cameras, they uses polyhedron shape gives 20 different position to capture your moment. Polyhedron Slope stand gives you different orientations without adjusting anything else.

Adjusting Camera:

3 Slots available to fix your camera Landscape, Portrait, Laying Down. After fixing you can adjust the stand in any position so you can easily go for photography.

Angles in Stand:

Numbers on the back of the Slope stand shows the angle, so you never forgot how to set the camera. There’s no hassle of releasing and tightening tripod screws — simply insert, position, and you’re ready to go.

Positions to take shots:

There are 8 portrait shooting positions, 7 landscape positions,  4 “roll” positions, and an upward facing position:

Inventor Words:

“I am a professional photographer,” says SLOPES inventor Zhou Ruogu of Beijing, China. “When I do my job, I love to use a GoPro to record something ‘beside the scenes’. With a traditional GoPro stand, it takes several minutes to release and tighten the screws to install the GoPro and get the right angle. The repetitive operations could slow down our trips and sometimes make us miss precious moments.”

“Having endured all these inconvenience for years, I decided to design a new stand for GoPro.”

Inspiration to Invent Slopes:

Inventor inspired by an ancient Chinese seals have same polyhedron shape to pack 14 stamps onto a single seal.

Video for Slopes GoPro Camera:

In the above video the working of slope stand shows how it could help to GO Pro camera here and there without any hesitation.

In addition to being quick to deploy, the positions of the Slope are handy if you want to get shots with consistent angles, or if producing composite footage. Users who want to shoot 3D footage can also clip two Slopes stands together. While Slopes can only be used with a case-free GoPro, the team behind it says it has considered designing a version to hold a GoPro in its standard housing.

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