TrackR – Track Anything from Android & iPhone

Most of the time you lost your car in parking lot. Park anywhere and find with TrackR. Tired watching your surroundings to find your car, wallets or most important thing. No need to tap your car keys button for the search of car Most of the time people click their car keys button to find out where is the car. That’s irritating moment especially on a hot, sunny day.

Are u agreed on installing GPS to track your car only. Stop you are doing wrong and it will burden your pocket. Why not do it free of cost in cheap price except paying monthly subscription fee. Already we have much bills to pay.

Stop now for GPS because you just want to find the car. A California-based startup company make a small device namely TrackR

trackr wireless tracker for android

What is TrackR?

This small device is looking small but can helps you to find your car or anything easily. Now change your way to track your thing in daily life. You will never lost anything again, thanks to TrackR for this wonderful device.

Now find anything with ease using TrackR

Simply 5 minute process and you can track anything in seconds. Simply install the TrackR app from Google Playstore and connect the device with your phone. Now piece of cake to Track, whatever you want to keep and eye on.

Video Preview of TrackR

Cost & Working of TrackR

No worry device is not so much expensive like GPS systems, it only cost you $29. If you need peace for mind then buy it now and relax your mind.

You can attach it to your keys, briefcase, wallet, your latest tech gadgets and any equipment you do not want to loose. Use your smartphone and Track R app to find your things.

Forget expensive GPS systems or tracking services. Everyone is tired of paying subscription charges to GPS companies. Now things got easy and you can be able to find, We understand how stressful is life to find your equipment can be, and this is the reason why TrackR was created. This device is your VIP when you need to take care of more important things in life.

Remember the car scenario above? hide your device under floor or stick in the trunk or in the glove compartment. Hide somewhere so nobody could search it.

If you forget where you parked your car, whip out your smartphone and open the TrackR app. Tap on the “lost item” icon on the screen and the app will tell you the exact coordinates of the last known location of the TrackR.

Testimonial & Other Usage

Even you can track your pets, the device is very handy and you can put it under your pets collar now search them easily. Attach it to your keys and wallet, and never waste a minute rummaging the whole house for it.
TrackR even comes with a double-sided adhesive so you can stick it to your laptop or under your bike seat. Track down and punish the thieves who steal your expensive things!

3 Steps to use Trackr

1. Get Trackr from the manufacturer website. You’ll get it delivered to your home in about 1 week.
2. Link Trackr with your Smartphone (iPhone or Android) and place it next to the object you don’t want to lose.
3. Download the free app and always have in hand the location of your belongings. As Simple As That!

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