Vapor Smart Watch by Misfit Wearable Technology

Vapor Smart Watch made by Misfit Wearable Technology maker. Fossils group owned this company who made numbers of low-power, jewelry-like wearable's. They just unveiled a new touch screen smart watch name with VAPOR.

Specification of Vapor:

AMOLED touchscreen of 1.4 inch display. GPS is built in with this clock. Optical heart rate sensors. Two days of battery life via its powerful battery. It’s running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and also has four gigabytes of on-board storage, mostly for listening to music without a phone in tow.

Face & Straps:

It's made of stainless steel and has interchangeable straps. Some of the interactions on the watch have a dissolving or vaporizing aesthetic (hence the unfortunate name); when you tap on the time on the main screen, it dissolves into a "GOAL!" screen, to show activity levels. The display doesn’t have a "flat tire," which is nice I suppose.

Touch Bezel on Misfit Vapor:

Misfit added something which is touch bezel, a thin strip around the watch face can be used to control certain interactions on the watch like a touch wheel.

Suspense Operating System:

Operating system is already a suspense, Misfit still not reveal the operating system they embed in the vapor.

A guess can be made after a brief demo, forked version of Android Wear is used.

Forked version of Android which is customized customized for the Chinese market, where Misfit sells a lot of its products. The watch they displayed in the demo was not the final version.

Misfit has made a whole bunch of wearable since it first launched in 2012, but for the most part they’ve been sleek, inexpensive activity trackers, not watches. And the company has made other connected watches since it was acquired by Fossil, like the Phase wristwatch. But that watch — and many other Fossil connected watches — are analog-style watches, without touchscreens. They also tend to have much longer battery life than smartwatches that have bright displays and run apps.

The Vapor smartwatch is expected to ship in late 2017 and will cost $199.

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