What is Centralized Database for Local Area Network

Centralized Database

Centralized Database (CDB) is type of database where all the records are stored and maintained. Large organization like institutions (school & universities), Business firms (stock exchange) use them.

A CPU or mainframe computer is used to design or operate as centralized database. All other computers are connected to that PC in order to gain access to database via internet.


Suppose there is an application running in an hospital. All of them have application but no database is installed on those computers running application. They all are connected to a main server computer where all the data is stored.

Advantages of Centralized Database

  • Key advantage is security where server is available to the locally connected computer. Only internal people can use the database.
  • Any problem to the server computer can be handled and resolved easily.
  • Connectivity to database is faster as local network provide better connection.
  • Database is single so backup and restore is faster then online databases.
  • Database design is easy and easy to handle by DBA.
  • Easy to set roles and rules on the database end by DBA.

Disadvantages of Centralized Database

  • Centralized database for network is totally dependent on connectivity of network. If connectivity broken access to the database is failed hence an immediate backup facility required.
  • High traffic and storage load, server may crash if not cool down or maintained properly.
  • Database has larger records high storage devices may required.
  • A DBA is required every time nearby the server or centralized database.

Database Administrator or DBA

A DBA is the only person who can handle or maintained the database computer. All roles of users will be set by DBA, so nobody can either manipulate the database  except DBA. He must take cares of the following for the database computer like temperature, request per minute, backup, who can access database and other aspects which are really need to consider.

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