Circle with Plus Sign Notification - Samsung Galaxy

circle plus notification icon Recent updates of Samsung galaxy displays circle with plus sign notification Android. Most of the times it cause panic to the users of android. Nougat updates includes the feature to controls your data usage of internet. Internet Data saved by circle plus notification icon, How to disable plus circle icon in Samsung Galaxy.

Disable Circle with Plus Sign Notification:

  • Go to Settings and Tap Connections.
  • Open your Data Usage and scroll down and open Data Saver.
  • Turn off the Data saver and you can disable plus with circle notification in android.

What is Plus Sign Icon in Notification Bar?

Public shows panic what is plus sign icon in android. It is data saver recently shows in nougat update. Data saver helps in accessing internet in background so you can save your data connections (when you are on mobile network, and not on WiFi). This option can save your battery as well as internet package. What can you lost if, Plus in Circle Notification appears in Samsung Galaxy.
Saves your sim data, holds your applications to idle mode which uses internet in background. Facebook messenger affect by new android update.
  1. Popup Notification updates from Facebook messenger may hide, until you open messenger.
  2. WhatsApp notification may hide and you can't get updates.
  3. App updates from play store may stop by itself.

Updates in Samsung Galaxy A Series (A3,A5,A7). Updates in Samsung Galaxy S Series (s5,s6,s6 Edge, s7, s8).

More Details: The circle having plus icon in android restricts the background process to access internet which consumes your data. Foreground apps like (maps, weather etc) they will use less data. Android applications always use your memory and internet connection like your extra camera's and actively games apps. App data saving Saving can boost your battery life consumption.

Further more you will lose the active app connections to the server while saver is on. Recommended for you not to turn off your data saver unless it's much necessary. Turning it on may you miss important information as well. Apps which have actively connection to play store can turn off updates as well. Except precious battery saving your tasks may disturbed badly. Sometimes due to Data Saver being turned on u may miss some important notifications from some app that use data connection regularly.

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