Difference Between Flow Charts and Flow Graph - Flowchart Alterntative

What the difference between Flow charts and Flow Graph? why can't we utilize Flow charts for software testing?

A program's flow charts resembles a control flow graph but there are some differences which are provided below:

Difference: Flow Charts and Flow Graph

1. In flow graphs, we don't show the details of what is in a process block whereas in flow charts every part of the process block is drawn.
2. In flow charts, different types of nodes are represented by different symbols, but we do not use different symbols in control flow graphs.
3. The flow graph focuses on control flow of the program whereas the flowchart focuses on process steps and due to this reason, flow charts are not used for testing.

What is Flow Charts 

Graphic Representation or Symbolic representation of process shown in the figure below called Flow charts. So different symbols are used to denote process which contains a little description of the process. These symbols are linked together via arrows showing the flow of the process
flow chart diagram example
Flow chart diagram

Alternative Names of Flow Charts

Unfortunately, there are lot of variations and common alternatives names of the flow charts. Those names includes.
  • Flow charts
  • Process flow charts
  • Process map
  • Process chart
  • Process model 
  • Process flow diagram
  • Flow diagram. 
These naming convention are annoying because teachers teach or call them as flow chart only. Those are the little names found on Breeze Tree. What people search online is all those names.
Different calling conventions in different area of field. Like Process map which is another name for flow chart that assign attribute data. Input and Output to each process steps. But "Process map" is refers to flow charts that map the interrelationships between top level procedures in an ISO 9000 system.

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