Use Case Vs DFD, Difference in Use Case - DFD

Now a days almost all applications are based on OOP (object oriented programming); and use case diagrams depicts the functionality to be implemented in a system. On the other hand DFD (Data Flow Diagram) is the true depiction of OOP based programming.  

Use Case & Data Flow Diagram are same?
  • Use case diagrams and DFD are not contradicting each other as far as system architecture is concerned.
  • DFD diagram and Use case diagram are used to view the system from different perspective/angle.
  • A graphical representation of the flow of data or information in a system or part of system. It consists of data flows, processes, sources, destinations and stores.

Difference Between Use Case & Data Flow Diagram

  • A DFD(Data Flow Diagram) only shows the sources and destinations of data coming and going from the system and the transformation of data when it passes through some system process.
  • A Use Case is used to capture the functional requirements of the system. A use case is a high- level piece of functionality that the system will provide to different actors interacting with the system.

So from the above, you can conclude two simple definition of Data flow Diagram and Use Case.

DFD (Data Flow Diagram)

DFD is concerned with the flow of information/data and processes in the system working with this information/data. It helps in identifying any business processes or existing business processes.

At most simply you can say a data flow is about how data flow and how it will be used in system. And for more elaboration where data will be saved.

Start with context diagram simple representation of whole system. So for the further representation we do 1 more level and dig again to go through 3 level after that it' is not much necessary to dig more. More levels needed when asked for more process information.

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Use Case

Use case is concerned with defining about what the system has to offer to its users. You can say  Unified modeling language to it.  Moreover while developing software's or in systems engineering, all actions we performed or event happening in this model or software defined by use case. What are achievement we want to get defined by use case. Actors in use case either human or external system or you can say a bot or data server. Higher levels software's use these use cases where all the thing must shown.

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