WordPress Updating Failed - Post or Page Update Failed WordPress

Wordpress Page Updating FailedLots of threads are pending on  the forum of WordPress and stack overflow regarding: Updating failed while publishing post in the WordPress 5. Usually i worked with WP and after editing the error occur updating failed in WordPress. We provide you the solution on how to resolve updating failed in WordPress.

Moderator from WP says, regarding Page Update Failed:

There really isn’t anything to be fixed of updating failed wordpress 5. This isn’t an error in the editor, it’s an error on your server. Check the server error logs and see why it is WordPress failing in these requests.

Solution 1: Updating Failed WordPress

Check your Permalink structure it could be generating the problem, suppose if you set it by Post Name. Change permalink structure for your WordPress to something else like by ID and try to publish the post.

  1. Login to WP Scroll down to the setting and switch to Permalinks settings.
  2. Now set your permalink anything (old selection) to Plain.
  3. Save the setting and publish your post.
  4. After that if your post publish successfully, switch back to your old permalink e.g Post Name in my case.

Solution 2: Updating Failed WordPress

Recently most of the users complaint about the same issue of updating failed, which often  let them lose a few minutes of edits. Many of them revert to the old version of classic editor via plugin. 
  • Check your functions.php if you have write any function and return an error, comment it and then try if the problem persist.
  • If any of the plugin you install which create the problem. Try to disable unnecessary plugins.
  • WordPress love the built in themes try switching to default theme like twenty nineteen.
  • If you can't handle the problem try to turn on the error_reporting.

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