Custom Block Styles for Gutenberg - WordPress Plugin

Custom styles for Gutenberg has a number of CSS styles which boost your power to create new posts and pages. Gutenberg was a plugin in past but now officially it is merged with your new WordPress release. The plugin Custom Style for Gutenberg enhance the visibility of your different elements in your WordPress editor and gives you the power to understand the elements easily.

You have ever seen Page builders ( visual builder or divi builder) which have color styles and block styles a bit clear so user can understand what is container or columns or separator. We have created a similar thing which makes you understand editor easily.

Plugin developer always create something new and enhance the visibility of functionality of your WordPress by making them eligible to do more.

What Custom Block Styles Do ?

Custom block style enhance your builtin Gutenberg Block and boost the visibility of your normal lazy Gutenberg editor. Releasing this plugin means some of the people are confused with the layout of the editor and mix up the things.

What this Plugin Have?

Plugin have custom styles written for the sake of the people who are confused with the aspects like Gutenberg Spacer, Gutenberg Columns, and another plugin who creates the div or section element called Magic Block. What you get is

  1. Gutenberg Columns
  2. Spacer in Gutenberg
  3. Magic Blocks.

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