Backup WordPress Files & Database - How to

Backup your WordPress to restore when you need for later use. Posting daily blogs? then you must Backup MySQL Database daily. Necessary folders must be backed up, when you edit your theme files. Be ready for any disaster for your website and make sure you have full backup ready anytime. Learn how to Backup WordPress Files & Database. Most of them search for WordPress then you reach at good point.

WordPress Backup - Essential Things:

WordPress updated their version by times. Make sure you are working on latest release of WordPress. Most of the people don't need whole files from cPanel. Main things in your WordPress installation is:

If you have a backup of both above points you are set. Then you can restore WordPress by replacing the database and /wp-content/ folder.

Backup your WordPress Database

To save you from solid disaster you need to backup WordPress database. Below is the guide of WP-DBManager Plugin by Lester Chan have database backup solution for WP.

WP-DBManager Plugin
View full WordPress Database

How to Migrate WordPress to New Domain

Moving WordPress to a different domain name needs copy of full data including files and database. It need changing of images paths and directory path as well.  A step by step instruction on how to do it manually can be found in the WordPress Codex: Moving_WordPress
When you move WordPress manually plugins  are listed below to change file paths.
  • velvet-blues-update-urls/ the safe route but sometimes it misses spots.
  • better-search-replace/ finds it all but can also brick your site.Only use this when you have a database backup and you also know ho to restore database using phpMyAdmin.

Recommended Backup Buddy:

If BackupBuddy fails for you:
  • try deactivating all un-required plugins to ease server load and minimize script runtime.
  • look for plugins that are heavy on database load such as logging / analytics or chat plugins that store their data in the local MySQL database. Get rid of their massive database entries.
  • Try activating the alternative ZIP system:

I forgot to take a backup!

Sometimes we forgot to take database backup. Contact your hosting providers for help. usually they take 24 hours to provide old backup file.

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