Change WordPress Theme From Database

Installation of plugin, may crash your wordpress, due to the plugin you installed is not compatible with active theme. Recently searching blank wordpress admin area fix what to do when unable to access wordpress admin. Learn how to change theme from database WordPress. Below steps guide you through the phpMyAdmin changing theme of wordpress.
Activate plugin and wordpress admin area not working due to plugin. Change theme and admin area not working solution switch theme from database.
  1. Login to your cPanel (e.g
  2. In your database area look for phpMyAdmin, it will take you to database.
  3. Select your appropriate wordpress database, from left hand sidebar of phpMyAdmin.
  4. There is  wp_options table, having many options. Click on browse tab option.
  5. There are many pages for the columns. Click on the Show All option at the top now you can see all available rows in this table.
  6. Next, you will need to locate two rows on the page, the template and the stylesheet. Pick template and click on Edit link.
  7. This will take you to the edit page where we will change the data for the option_value. In our example, the value is set for the alexandira template. Change this to the default theme name, twentyfifteen and click on the Go button at the bottom of the page.
  8. Perform the same procedure on the stylesheet row. When you finish the stylesheet and return to the list, you should see the new theme in the value portion of the list for both. You can now visit your website and see that it is using the default theme. From here you should also be able to log into your wp-admin area.

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