Google Domains - Reliable Domain Name Provider

Google is serving from years and have high end support for every single user. They maintain their name with years of struggle. Specially the number one search engine in the world. With services (i.e blogger, Gsuite, webmaster, analytic), they start providing TLD's (top level domains) as well. Google Domains are best domain provider with extra facilities and securities.
Numbers of features provided by Google, we will try to elaborate main features of Google Domains.

Private registration - Cost Saver Google Domains

Purchasing a domain name have extra cost when you register with other domain registrar. But Google keep these information private. A good Opportunity to save cost for extra domain  charges like (e.g email accounts, integration cost, hidden charges). Google Says:
If private registration is selected, we cover the cost of keeping your details private (e.g. your name, address, and other contact information).

Integration with Top Site Builders:

Purchasing a Domain from Google will get you more benefit like website building via Blogger and more. Plans vary in cost, and options include secure and reliable hosting, customizable templates, and powerful features like drag & drop creation and mobile site-management.

Free Sub-Domains:

With sub-domain facility you can choose 100's of sub-domains with Google Domains. Such as or Helpful in creating meaningful pages using sub-domains.

Free Email Forwarding on Gmail:

With forwarding facility you can create 100's of email addresses will be forwarded to your single Gmail address. (e.g. or, and they will be forwarded to gmail, like

G Suite Integrated Emails:

Look professional with branded email like you@yourcompany. Google G Suite is an optional service that lets you easily create email addresses for you and your team and includes helpful business tools like shared calendars, video meetings, and online storage.

Custom Domain Endings:

Custom Domain Endings are much readable. Google provide you custom domain endings like .guru and .photography. Now meaning full domains will be your priority, because they have numbers of domain endings available see list below. Choose relevant domain endings and get more visitors.

Reliable Internet Infrastructure:

Whenever you hit a domain, your computer looks for a DNS address. May be some of them can't open up your website. Google Domains never crashes your domain because they added millions of Domain Name Server Resolutions.

Domain Management Tools:

A full set of simple-to-use, robust domain management tools are at your disposal:
  • Set up Dynamic DNS to keep your domain pointing to the same computer even when the IP address changes
  • Add and manage resource records: A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, SPF, SRV, TXT
  • Use Google Synthetic Records for integration with Google App Engine, subdomain forwarding, and Google Apps setup
  • Add and manage name servers
  • Configure TTL
  • Domain locking

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