How to Change Font Size in Storefront Theme

Storefront theme developed by woo-themes having clear product display. Font sizes in themes are set to default according to viewers preference. Like product image size in WooCommerce you can easily change font sizes as well in eCommerce website Visitors are interested in bigger size font in woo-commerce. Learn how to change font size in storefront theme of woocommerce using CSS.

Font size included:
  1. Changing Paragraph font size in Storefront theme.
  2. Increase sidebar heading font size.
  3. Font size of menu in Storefront.

Increase Paragraph Font size in Storefront theme:

  • Login to your WP-admin and Go to Appearance > Customize.
  • In the Left sidebar scroll down and click on Additional CSS.
  • Paste the following code to increase font size of paragraph in storefront theme.
p {

Storefront Theme - Sidebar Heading Size

Recently new upgrade of storefront theme having normal font of widget title. Users need to make them bigger in order to visible heading of storefront sidebar.

They write the style but didn't work because widget title must include !important flag to override the default style.
 font-size:50px !important;
Note: Paste the above code in wp-admin > Appearance > customize > additional CSS.

Menu Link Size in Storefront Theme:

According to the preference of users menu has slightly smaller in size and they need to upgrade their font size of menu links in storefront theme. How to bigger the size of storefront menu fonts.
ul.nav-menu > li > a{
Note: Paste the above code in wp-admin > Appearance > customize > additional CSS.

Video for Font sizes in Storefront Theme:

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