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PHP will took your programming to another peak, some of them enjoyed and some feel confused. But when you are testing the output result which occurs an error like Parse Error: Syntax Error. All the output goes away. One of the common programming error in PHP is mentioned below every beginner/expert got this error.
"( ! ) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\wamp\www\projectname\filename.php on line any-line-number"
What is the solutions for that ? usually unexpected end of file $end occurs when you forgot the curli bracket at the end like if you write
if ( $abc ==1){
<h1>Parse error: syntax error check</h1>
Now you can clearly see you forgot closing Bracket } because if condition is not closed properly. you code should be like this
if ( $abc ==1){
<h1>Parse error: syntax error check</h1>
<?php } ?>
Other expected problems are listed below i explain 2nd point above in example.

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  • Parse error or syntax error occurs when you missed bracket ( } ) at the end.
  • When you write if condition and forgot the parenthesis - ) -.
    <?php if (isset($A){
    echo "parse error: syntax error will happen ";
    Now see you forgot ) before { because you open two parenthesis before isset and after isset and you close single parenthesis.
  • At the end of line Forgot the Semicolon ( ; ).
  • Check every comma because you declare array and forgot Comma ( , ).
  • Concatenation error suppose if you echo two variable without Concatenation Dot ( . ).
Hope this will solve your problem if any other errors occurs then write a comment. we are here to help you.

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