Glassouse – Assistive Device for Disable People

Feel overwhelmed with the disability, never downgrade yourself with any kind of disability. We have GlassOuse for those who have no hands. A dream come true, How do disabled people use computers?. with GlassOuse, disabled people can now operate Computer, Laptops, Tablets and other clickable works.

As far as we're concerned , disability means possibility.

A company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China renowned GlassOuse for disabled people. With this smart device you can operate computer, laptops, tablets with single wearable Glass. Click to see the list who can use the device.

Video of GlassOuse:

How to use GlassOuse:

GlassOuse is a wearable glass used by those who have no hands and other disabilities by which they can't use hands. GlassOuse comprised of.
  1. First, activate the Bluetooth connection on your device, then press the "Connect" button.
  2. App will find and connect to "CEBA GlassOuse.".
  3. After wearing GlassOuse on your head, the cursor movement is based on your head movement.
  4. GlassOuse cursor will be in centered position, When your head is in a centered and comfortable position.
  5. Move your head right or left to move cursor right or left.
  6. You use same method to slide the cursor up and down.
  7. Flexible cable have click button, once you bite the mouth piece, will be equal to click.
  8. This button has been tested 50,000 times under 3 tons so you don't need to worry about the quality.

GlassOuse Bite Click Glass for disable People
GlassOuse has Bite Click Glass for disable People.

Qualities of GlassOuse:

  • Smart Battery, Ergonomic & lightweight
  • Sensitivity Adjustment with Quick Response Time
  • Wide and High Compatibility with Wide Viewing Angle.
  • Anti-carcinogenic & Hygienic
Battery & Durability:
  • A 330mAh 3.7v Li-Po CEBA cell is used for GlassOuse.
  • This cell provides nearly 15 days of use.
  • The cell can be recharged so you can use it repeatably.

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