Mental Turbulence & causes of Mental Illness /disorder

mental turbulance and mental illness

What is Mental Turbulence:

Mental turbulence is a condition of confusion in a person who do effort to understand things/surroundings, or agitation. A normal person is unable to take decision properly according to the situation. He lost the mentality to judge properly and it causes him to permanent mental disorder (not too often).

The other three names of mental turbulence is mental disorder or mental illness or mental anxiety.


Causes of Mental Turbulence on Human

There are number of reasons for mental turbulence. e.g. Behavior changes, social interaction, addiction, no friend circle, continuous dis-connectivity with people etc.   We list out some of the common reasons and causes of mental anxiety which let a person fall in mental illness.

#1. Change in Behavior

Person may look panic or aggressive or may be feel anger not the step of mental disorder but it may cause major disaster. It creates a mental anxiety in which you look panic people judge you as angry person.

#2. Performance may Differ

  • As compared to elders the performance of the children becomes poor in education.
  • He feels weak in education and his respect in classroom and school becomes low as compared to previous time.
  • In elder may be it is the age factor or having some problems in family.
  • May be the person lost in loved one (parents, children, wife).
  • Family tensions may be separation, personal fights, anxiety of job or other aspects of affairs etc.

#3. Addiction is Disaster

Addiction may cause mental anxiety in the result a person fall in mental disorder. A person may be addicted of something called cigarette or ganja or marijuana. If these type of things a person can't get on time feels panic inside and this anxiety cause mental illness. Which creates bad impact on life as well.

#4. Poor self-care

Less care of himself/herself creates anxiety all the thing he do is messy things.
  • Stay hungry for hours and no food on time creates headache and mental anxiety.
  • Leave the room messy for weeks which disturb mind.
  • Cleaning of body for weeks.
  • leave room as it is for weeks.

#5. Social interaction

Usually the person stop meetings with friends, family and relatives. The social interaction is stops.
  • A person is so much busy in his world and he don't care of the other people whom he share anything.
  • May be he involves in those activities which is ruining his future, so the person got stop by parents as a result that interaction may cause.
  • In some cases a person don't like to talk due to some love or affair issue.

#6. Communication is reduced

In mental turbulence it happen may time a person fall in love and the lover is angry. When they talk about breakup, the mental illness occurs so quickly(if they are serious). Person become quite and as a result communication is reduced. In other words social interaction is stop.

#7. Family breakdown

Breakup of parents or describe in the last para affairs may cause of this mental Turbulence.

#8. Strange behavior

The situation may occur the person do suicide attempts. May be try to cut his body with different signs. Burnt or acid themselves. Usually immature persons do that but elders do so.

In mature people when they depressed or in serious tension. In many situations family burden is the main cause of strange behavior. Two wives or may be wife or another love affair anything can cause of it.

What should parents do?
1) Be vigilant. Look out for changes in your child. If you see early signs that may be worrying, do not panic, but do something.
2) Seek professional help.
You may take your child to see someone whom he or she trusts, but the
individual should also be trained and competent. The wrong advice or
intervention can be damaging.
3) Do not be afraid to seek psychiatric care.
If your child is not showing signs of improvement, you may have to seek
psychiatric care. Many parents and young people are afraid to see the
psychiatrist because of the stigma associated with psychiatrists. But
remember most psychiatrists see normal people with normal problems.
4) Do not shove it under the carpet.
Many parents when confronted with problems, enter into denial and hope
that the problem will go away. Yes, you may want to watch and wait, but
you should not wait for too long. If your child is not functioning and
the situation is getting worse, seek help.
5) There is danger in delay.
The longer the mental illness in young people goes untreated, the worse
the outcome. If you suspect your child may be having a mental disorder,
please act now. Seek help.

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