Special Search Syntax for Duck Duck Go - Search Engine

Search syntax for Duck Duck Go itself describing what it is. In our daily life we use at least we use search engine hundred of the time. Search engines are not friendly which shows you accurate result according because he can't filter itself. A filter shows you exact thing what you need because everyone loves filtering the search result.

Filtering while search helps in choosing the best result out of hundreds and thousands of results. Making decision among those search engine which result to open or not. you can even tune your search results via special syntax provided by the search engines.

Syntax for "Or" in DuckduckGo (horse or donkey)

Usually a person search horse or donkey which shows the result of the term "horse or donkey". When you search like horse or donkey means a line of text is being searched like "horse or donkey". Filter out your result by or syntax of duck duck go search engine.

horse donkey which means "horse or donkey" 

Exact Term Searching in Search engine

Exact search help to search for exact phrase rather then multi keyword result. Like if you want to search for a term iPhone camera tips. It will search for the exact term in the pages. if not found it will show related results.

"iPhone camera tips" which means search the exact line iphone camera tips.

Remember to add double quotes around your search term. It will search for the exact phrase for your.


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