What is Data Structure and examples in daily life

Data structure and importance of data structure Learning any language could be simple but to understand the data gathering and storing and to process data you need any structure. To accomplish data storing and processing programming language is suitable choice. Data structure allows any language a structure to process data efficiently. Any long term software solution provider must know what is Data Structure and the importance of the data structure.

What is Data?
Data can be of different type, can be a normal data or complex data. Data is a war so organizing data carefully is important then collection. Data structure is an answer of why storing the data efficiently rather storing in a garbage way (e.g put it in a file).


Definition of Data Structure:

Data structure is all about organizing data and information in efficient way, that storing, retrieval and modification is easy as possible.
In other words data structure is to simply store data on computer. Data structures could be of different types according to the problems and data is stored in specified manner. Specified manner allows efficient data search and retrieval. Use of data efficiently means to use less space by the data and operations like searching, deletion, insertion etc on data took less time.

Importance of Data Structure?

Data could be of any type small or large, and to maintain any type of data we need structure. The criteria of storing helps in determining how to use it.
  1. Data which are merged and garbage could be utilize.
  2. The retrieval or searching of data as well as re-store or modify is easy.
  3. Managing and indexing of large databases (e.g. banks or NIC services which is allowed for) indexing services such as hash table(data structure).

Types of Data Structures:

There are two main categories of data structure and more on there are multiple categories which fall under listed below.

Linear Data Structure:

  • Arrays
  • Linked list
  • Stacks
  • Queues

Non-Liner Data Structure:

  • Trees
  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Sets 
types of data structure
Types of Data Structure

 Examples of Data Structure in Daily Life

  1. In bank service rows of men follow the Queue data structure.
  2. In online shopping, selection and cancellation in the list of items is done/maintained via data structures.
  3. For representing a city region telephone network.
  4. Frequently using keywords (like in programming , text editor suggest keywords) which used recently.
  5. Data structure are used to  represent an image in the form of a bitmap.
  6. Back functionality in internet browser maintained by data structure.
  7. Printer spooler (first come first server algorithm) order of print arrival.
  8. To record the sequence of all the pages browsed in one session.
  9. To implement the undo function in a text editor.
  10. To store information about the directories and files in a system

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