German Shepherd Breed and Puppies

German Shepherd Breeders


Despite an outward appearance slightly resembling a wolf, the German Shepherd dog is a fairly recently developed breed and contrary to what many believe, is more closely related to the wolf than any other breed of dog. The breed is the result of a conscious effort to produce the ideal shepherd capable of herding and guarding its flocks. Perhaps never in the history of breeding dogs has the effort been put into improving a dog like the German Shepherd.

Temperament of German Shepherd

Among the most intelligent of breeds, the German Shepherd Dog is so intent on its mission- whatever that may be- that it is virtually unsurpassed in working versatility. It is utterly devoted and faithful. Aloof and suspicious toward strangers, it is protective of its home and family. It can be domineering. It can also be aggressive toward other dogs, but is usually good with other pets. Having said that, the German Shepherd is an excellent family dog and is known for its loving nature with children.

Body Type  of German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog Has an outline of smooth curves on a body that is longer than it is tall. It s strong, agile, and substantial. Its gait is exceptionally outreaching and elastic, covering the ground in great strides. It has a double coat. With the outer coat consisting of dense straight or slightly wavy, harsh, close lying hair of medium length. The standards for the german Shepherd Dog are as follows:

  • chiseled, strong head
  • medium sized, almond shaped eyes
  • moderately pointed ears, carried erect
  • withers higher than and sloping inro the level back
  • tail bushy, hanging in a slight curve
  • feet short
  • Color: most colors, other than white, are permissible

German Shepherd Dog Characteristics

Energy Level4 / 5
Exercise Requirements4 / 5
Playfulness2 / 5
Affection Level4 / 5
Friendliness Towards Dogs1 / 5
Friendliness Towards Other Pets03 / 5
Friendliness Towards Strangers2 / 5
Good With Children5 / 5
Ease of Training5 / 5
Protection Ability5 / 5
Grooming3 / 5
Intelligence5 / 5

German Shepherds Puppies for Sale

Choosing from German shepherd puppies for sale is not as simple as it appears. You could find many breeders providing pure German shepherd puppies, often at extremely low prices. Prior to deciding anything based on the overwhelming promises, you should see that you are choosing puppies from true breeders who share your concern and love for the pets. Keep in mind that not all breeders follow moral practices for raising and breeding puppies. Some of them are in the market only for the high need of these digs and all they wish is to make fast bucks through treating the dogs as living things. You have to be extremely clear on specific essential parameters prior to choosing the right dog.

German Shepherd Dog Puppies
German Shepherd Dog Puppies

Aggressive and Weak Puppies

The disreputable breeders just manage to raise diseased and weak puppies. There’s no secret to this. Dogs by nature are loving animals. After they are born, they get themselves in a setting of not sufficient care. These dog breeders don’t see the puppies as cute beings; rather the animals are online one product in the business. The puppies experience inhumane conditions of life at this early stage. Such treatment frequently instills lasting distrust and trauma in the dogs and they develop to be animals with no courage. This is an extremely unfortunate condition, as you can’t purchase from disreputable breeders.

 Search for Owners Selling Puppies

Whilst searching for German Shepherd puppies for sale, you have to make sure specific significant factors. Always ensure to purchase from breeders who has been in the business for so many years. A real dog owner will have the joy of the puppies as the main priority. He or she will like to make sure that the dear puppies get a loving family, and grow up to be courageous and strong dogs.


The fact that dogs grow faster, it’s significant to have an idea regarding spaying and neutering the German Shepherd puppies for sale, while you carry on to buy them. Unless you’re planning to be a respectful breeder in the near future, you should know when to neuter or spay the dogs. Veterinary really recommends spaying female dogs prior to their first heat that could as early as 4 months. The end of 3 months is the ideal time to spay your dog. But, you should not do it prior to three months as that could seriously harm your dog.

German Shepherd Rescue

There are German shepherd rescue center that offers dog adaptation. But first and foremost, you need to undergo various assessments to know if you are responsible or not. Always keep on getting a puppy just when you are certain. Acting on desires might not be the best choice. Think about various factors like whether you could give attention, as well as spend on caring for your dog. Having a German shepherd has to be a lasting promise as your dog will know to trust you entirely. Breaking the faith of a dog is absolutely one of the most horrible feelings. Always think well prior to taking the decision to bring a pet home.

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