German Shorthaired Pointer - Big dog breed

The German Shorthairded Pointer is known as the most versatile working dog. They have been used to pull sleds, track, hunt, point and even for detecting bombs.

The German Shorthaired Pointer was developed in the early 19 century in Germany. They are excellent game hunters and were bred for function not looks. However, they ended up looking pretty spiffy! It’s believed that a variety of breeds were used to create this breed. The Spanish Pointer, the English Pointer, the Tracking Hound, the German Bird Dog, the Weinermaer, the Dalmantion, and the Viszla are all thought to be part of this magnificent breed.

One extremely cool feature that the German Shorthiared Pointer has is the fact that the color of their nose will always match the color of their coat!

This breed gets their name from the pose they take when they have located their prey. Paw lifted, tail up, allows the dog to take on the shape of an arrow. They were bred for water retrieval so their short, smooth coat helps maintain an even body temperature. They also have webbed feet to help them move through water. They are actually an all terrain pooch and have adapted to land, sea and air.

Characteristics of German Shorthaired 

The German Shorthaired Point is a hyper breed. They are great at dog sports and are built to jump. Although they are boisterous and hyper, this doesn’t doesn’t mean that they are difficult to train. They are suited to all climates and they make great companions. They love to be in the company of people so they make great family pets! However, they do require supervision, especially around small children.Not because they would attack a child, it’s just that they could easily knock over small children because they are so energetic.

They are very easy to groom. Their short coat repels water and dirt. They have very few health problems. They do however need room to roam and require plenty of exercise and stimulus. This is why the German Shorthaired Pointer is great for families with active children; they will always have someone to play with!

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