The Otterhound Breed - Large dog breed

The Otterhound is a large scent hound:

These particular large dog breeds have the a body type that is slightly rectangular in shape. Their head is large and fairly narrow, the nose is dark, and large with wide nostrils, and the teeth should meet in scissors bite. The Otterhound’s eyes have a color that meets or compliments with the coat of the dog. The dogs with darker rims have darker eyes and those that have a liver or slate pigment have hazel eyes. Their ears are low set, and long that reach at least the top of the nose and are folded. The neck is muscular, the tail is set high which is thicker at the base and tapering to a point. Otterhounds have a double coat that is 3-6 inches long. The outer coat is rough, course and dense with a broken appearance. The undercoat is water resistant and soft, they have a shaggy face and bushy eyebrows. The coat comes in all hound colors but limited to grizzle or wheaten with black markings.

outterhound dog breed image

Otterhounds are known for being fearless and animated:

They are devoted to their family and very good with children, they are known to be friendly, loving and happy with a lot of spirit. By saying friendly, they are also friendly with other dogs and people as well, however, they have hunting instincts too so they will chase non-canine animals. Otterhounds are known to be affectionate and friendly. Otterhounds were never traditionally kept as pets so it is not among the responsive breeds. Training an Otterhound requires a lot of patience, if they sense that their owners are weaker in mind than them, they can become quiet willful, acting independent with a mind of their own as it will start to believe that it needs to run the home. The best results are achieved with a determined, consistent and loving hand. As the classic say “iron fist in a velvet glove” should be used to train this dog.

Of all of the large dog breeds out there, Otterhounds are known to be quiet companions. They usually like to roam and use their noses. They also have tendency to snore. These dogs have a harmonious, boisterous and powerful voice that carries for long distances, but they don’t bark excessively. They are also great swimmers, they can swim for hours without resting even in cold water. They usually dive in water seeking their prey.

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