10 Types of Spam backlinks should be Avoided

spam backlinks vs link building
Link building is one of the simplest ways to optimize websites used by many SEOs. However, there are some novice SEO's who can not distinguish between good links and spam backlinks. These types of spammy link directly affect the rankings of the website.
To overcome the situation, SEO service providers suggest to avoid 10 types of spam backlinks.

#1. Redirecting domain names (Domain Cleansing)

Here is how the spam link works, first the spammer builds the link to a domain via anchor text. Then leave it alone for a long time, even until the domain is disabled by Google via the Sandbox (developed by Google to check for new or untrusted sites, unnaturally developed websites). These spam links are actually 301 redirects and it works for the new domain. These links are very common and should be avoided.

The new domain has all the links, it's like transferring black money to an international bank account overnight before being arrested. This may seem simple, but with the Google Penguin update , this is not possible. For domain types 301 and 404 overnight, Google is assigned to link manipulation charges whether you intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore it is best to avoid them.

#2. Guest Blogging - Blog Networks

Guest blogging is a great help for white hat SEO , but today it has come under the sights of black hat SEO used to build spam links. Today many blogs contain 300 - 500 but the content is not quality or not related to the topic. Spam links like these will be detected and removed.

Building links to many different websites with different keywords, good content, and related topics is the best way to avoid link deletion. For blog network it doesn't matter the time it takes to complete or launch, just care whether it really helps readers or not. Some blog networks require members to pay for links, but this should not be the case.

#3. Advertising

Advertising, marketing messages are increasingly pervasive on many websites. As for SEO, they are spam and Google hates spam like this.

#4. Web 2.0 blog

Web 2.0, also known as a blog, has a unique article, websites like these created by cheap SEOs. These SEOs will post unique articles on social bookmarking sites or use blogs to link to many different domains. Websites like these will be removed by Google.

#5. Paid links

These links sell text links to others. And of course all those links that lose 80% of money are useless and wasteful. Links like this are not prioritized by Google during the ranking process.

#6. Wheel alignment

SEOs and webmasters are always trying to find ways to optimize the website but still don't let Google detect it. So link wheel was born, but you should also be careful with this kind of link because in the near future Google will update the algorithm and you may be penalized if you are using this link.

#7. Directory is not good (paid)
These websites give users a great experience with directories that contain a lot of valuable content. These directories will then start directing users to other websites, forcing users to pay for information. This is a taboo, because an indexed website is related to it, not the sub directories that contain the link through payment.

#8. Spam forum

Forums are a place for people to exchange, gather knowledge and exchange information. However, many SEOs have taken advantage of this to spam links for personal gain. There are currently no tools that can track the number of offenders on a forum from small forums to large forums like Bing Webmaster.

#9. Profile, comment spam

They are very popular, profiles created on websites are not usernames, they are replaced by keywords, nowadays profiles like this exist a lot. Links in the profile will be indexed by Google in various ways, so if your profile is not good or not enough to make them trust it, the content is in danger of being removed. Therefore when applying spam profile, rankings are not necessarily changed.

#10. Redirect the domain name after purchasing and change the content after Link Bait

This is still happening in the online world. Many people buy domain names and redirect them to their site at the same time to get better traffic. However, you should buy a blog instead of a website, then you get links from it, because if you buy a blog, you will get many quality links from it.

Why shouldn't spam links be created?

Spam backlinks do not work well in SEO, which means that the website will have low rankings. Also you can get in trouble if Google is detected.

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