Cutting Dog's nails at home - How to

how to cut dogs nails at home
Which dog mom or dad has never wondered how to cut a dog's nail at home? The task is even more important than it seems at first glance: keeping your pet's nails trimmed means a lot to his pet's well-being, as well as vaccinations and physical activity .

When claws grow longer than necessary, they injure humans, other animals during play, and even dogs themselves: large nails damage the way the animal walks and supports its paw, which can result in consequences even for the spine.

In addition, long nails can get caught on floors, carpets and break - causing pain to the dog. Therefore, it is best to learn how to cut a dog's nail at home without danger of hurting it and clarify doubts on the subject

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The most natural way to wear their nails is in contact with rough floors that naturally sand them. For example, taking them for walks in places with asphalt and allowing them to run and play in areas with a more abrasive surface at home. However, as it is increasingly common for them to live in flat-floor houses and apartments, it is necessary to be aware.

The nail of our hair has a "stuffing" (popularly called cob), which has vein and nerve and therefore can bleed a lot if injured, and cause severe pain.

The longer they get, the longer the cob also becomes - that is, if you take too long to cut your dog's nails it will surely feel pain and bleed. The good news is that you can avoid this by keeping your nail clippings up to date. The cob eventually "gets used" to the shorter length, and also gets shorter.

Types of Dog Nail Clippers

Knowing the types of dog nail clippers is as important as knowing how to cut your dog's nails. It is important that you have pet-friendly pliers. So, forget about the idea of ​​using the human utensil as they can hurt your hairy. So the first step is to get a cutter made specifically for dogs.

Check out the types of nail clippers and choose what you find easiest and most practical to accomplish this mission:

The dog nail clippers have blades positioned like scissors. To use it, fit your furry's nail between the cutting parts. With everything ready and safely, just tighten and cut.

This type of dog nail clipper is very characteristic for having a kind of hole. It is exactly in this empty space that the nail should be inserted. Pressing it will cause a blade to move vertically and cut.

How to cut a dog's nail without hurting

  1. Hold the dog's paw firmly, but without squeezing too much.
  2. Keep his body steady so he doesn't move and end up getting hurt.
  3. Position the pliers at a 45 ° angle at a distance of 2 millimeters from that of the cob (the part of the nerve inside the nail).
  4. Cut the nail and make sure it doesn't hurt the puppy.
  5. If you have injured, stop bleeding with hemostatic powder.

Clear Nail Vs. dark nail

To know how to cut dog's nail without reaching the cob, beyond the right angle, you need to take some care. If your dog's fingernail is clear, you have an advantage: You can see the vein inside and know where it ends to position the tool. However, if the dog's toenail is dark, the best thing to do is to cut it gradually, taking small pieces to make sure you are not going overboard.

What do I do if I hurt a dog's nail?

Another important instruction on how to cut a dog's nail: be aware also after the cut. If there is an accident and the dog's nail bleeds, waterproof the bleeding using some hemostatic powder - the powder that manicurists often use when they hurt their cuticles.

It is now possible to find various models of automatic sanders at pet supply stores. They help a lot in these cases. The tool gradually sags the dog's nail and prevents bleeding.

If you don't feel safe cutting your dog's nails, that's okay: the task really requires a lot of care and it may be best to leave it to a professional who knows how to cut a dog's nail. If you prefer, look for a petshop to do the maintenance.

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