Accident at Work and Disease

There are a wide range of work-related illnesses which can leave you out of work and struggling to meet your financial commitments. Whether the injury was caused by a construction site accident or a simple trip or fall, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Your employer owes you a duty of care to protect you from injury and failure to meet these standards will leave him, or her, responsible for any resulting accident.

The following are examples of recent work related injuries that our team have successfully worked on:
  • A Builder who suffered a psychological reaction following a needle-stick injury from a discarded syringe. Employers failed to take action to prevent drug users using work site. The claim settled for £20,000.
  • A Labourer sustained burns to his ankle when liquid nitrogen leaked from a pipe he was working on, requiring him to have plastic surgery. The claim settled for £100,000.
  • A machinist tripped over a cable from her sewing machine, sustaining back injury. We recovered £70,000 in compensation for her injuries.
  • A Train driver who was traumatised after witnessing a suicide, but was not given counselling by employer and as a consequence suffered a severe psychiatric reaction. Claim settled at door of court for £50,000.
  • A Bank employee who suffered stress at work after continuous bullying from a supervisor. The claim settled for £40,000.
Accidents at work personal injury claims are proved by evidence. If you think you have a claim, contact us as soon as possible, and in the meantime take the following steps:
  1. Report the accident to your supervisor.
  2. Note witness contact details.
  3. Ensure if possible that an accident book entry is completed

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