How Insurance Companies Investigate Car Accident Claims

Have you ever wondered how insurance companies investigate car accident claims? Perhaps you need to file a claim, in either case you should take a few moments and learn how insurance companies conduct their investigations. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident there is a significant amount of paperwork that you must submit. Once the insurance company has the information they will open up a file and begin the assessment. While the insurance company is legally obligated to pay for all damages to the vehicle and individuals covered by the policy they are not required to pay for fraudulent claims. Something that everyone needs to keep in mind is these insurance companies want to make a profit and the only way they can do that is by paying the least amount of money.

What Insurance Companies Look for When Reviewing Car Accident Claims

There are a few key things that insurance companies look for when reviewing car accident claims. The first thing they will look at is the police report and images. Since the police are independent the information they have in their report is not biased it is a starting point. The insurance company will compare the police report to the statement from the person filing the car accident claim to see whether the information they provide matches, if it does not match then that is a clear sign that something is not right. After reviewing the police reports the next thing the insurance company will look at is the pictures to assess the extent of the damages. If the individual that is filing the car accident claim is asking for compensation to cover their pain and suffering, then the insurance representative will pay very close attention to the damages on the vehicle. It would be highly unlikely that a person would suffer serious injuries from a simple fender bender so individuals who are trying to claim additional compensation may be subject to further review.

Tactics Used by Car Accident Insurance Providers

If the individual who submitted the car accident report is claiming more compensation and their claim does not look right the insurance company may start to monitor the applicant. If the driver is claiming pain and suffering from an injured back, neck or some other part of their body but these individuals are doing heavy lifting then this is obviously fraud. The insurance company may have a private investigator working for them, this investigator will monitor the person for an extended period of time to make sure their claims are legitimate. In some instances, what the insurance company may do is ask the affected person to go for diagnosis with one of the doctors that is employed by the insurance company. While some of these doctors may be biased and determine the driver is not really injured the vast majority of these physicians will do the right thing. Since the insurance company must be proactive when paying out claims a driver has nothing to worry about so long as they are honest.

If a person has been honest and the insurance company is not giving them fair compensation for their car accident injuries, they should reach out to a qualified lawyer for help.

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