Mosquito Bite Survival Guide - Mosquito Treatment

One of the biggest enemies of summer is mosquitoes. According to research, mosquitoes are considered the number one "killer" of humans worldwide!. Mosquitoes are irritated and attracted by movement, body heat, humidity and breathing carbon dioxide, which they can recognize from a distance of 17.5 meters.

They are insects that are easily swept away by the wind so they can be transported over very long distances. In addition to the annoying noise that can wake us up at night and the typical tweaks, the mosquito is a sneaky carrier of many diseases, such as malaria, encephalitis, yellow fever, Zika virus, etc.

Appropriate Lighting

To counter mosquitoes, first of all take care of lighting the area. Use LED bulbs, yellow lights or sodium lamps. If you're used to sitting outside on the terrace, place a deep dish of soap and water. This is a simple and easy solution because mosquitoes are attracted to water, but are also trapped and drowned in soap bubbles.

Attention to Stagnant Waters

The mosquitoes love the stagnant waters, breed there and lay their eggs. Be sure to clean and remove stagnant water from your home (puddles, clogged gutters, empty pots, half full buckets, etc.).


The aromatic plant with the lemonade scent is a natural insect repellent that will keep annoying mosquitoes away on hot summer nights. You can put it on your terrace in the form of a candle or incense.

At the Pharmacy you will find patches infused with citronella essential oil , various spray lotions, body spray and clothes spray, as well as shampoos, body lotions and creams.

They will protect you for a long time, as long as you renew it frequently. Avoid contact with eyes, lips and open wounds.

Chemical insecticides usually contain DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-tolua-mide), which according to research can cause allergies, dyspnoea and encephalopathies in children.πρόληψη/καλοκαίρι/506-αντιμετωπίστε-τα-κουνούπιαvπρόληψη/καλοκαίρι/506-αντιμετωπίστε-τα-κουνούπιαv

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