Motorbike Accident Claims

Statistics show that motorcyclists are many times more likely to sustain a serious injury in a road traffic accident, than a car driver in a similar accident. This shows the dangers that motorcyclists are exposed to every time they get onto their motorbike.

Motorcyclists are also far more at risk from badly maintained road surfaces, potholes and spillages. If a motorcyclist does hit a pothole and comes off their bike, they are obviously more exposed because they lack the protection of a four-wheeled vehicle.

Most motorbike accidents involving another vehicle happen because the person who was driving the other vehicle simply did not see the motorbike. This is especially the case at road junctions, crossings and when vehicles change lanes to overtake.

We can help you today whether you have:
  • Minor cuts and bruises
  • Broken arm or leg
  • A shoulder injury
  • Or a more serious injury such as a spinal injury, head injury or even paralysis,

Our Injury solicitors have many years of experience handling all types of motorbike accident compensation claims.

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