SunScreen for Summer

Our Mediterranean country, warm and sunny, gives us joy and enjoyment, but it also creates a strong need for precaution. But to enjoy sun and its beneficial properties, however, we must guard ourselves when exposed to its gentle caress, rays. What is a precaution, and what are the points to watch for in order to have the sun always our friend and not an enemy?

Our sunscreen products protect against the side effects of the sun, which can be either direct, such as sunburn and photo-dermatitis, or indirect, such as photo-sensitivity and skin cancer. But what should we know about sunscreen products ?

What should they contain and how do they act?

The sunscreens contain molecules that either absorb or reflect or diffuse solar radiation: and the UVB (ultraviolet light long wavelength) and UVA (ultraviolet light of short wavelength) and thus protect the skin.

Properties Sunscreen Should have?

  1. Stable in light
  2. Neutral
  3. Non-greasy
  4. Non-irritating
  5. Non-dry
  6. Odorless
  7. Effective
  8. Hold 50% water
  9. Do not interact with other chemicals
  10. Have a long duration of action and have a specific expiry time.

The more of these properties a sunscreen has, the more effective it is. Sunscreen products are characterized by an SPF protection indicator. This practically means that the higher the protection index, the better the product protects us.

According to EU rules, the SPF does not exceed 50+, while in the US it cannot exceed 30+. So if our skin can withstand 20 minutes of sun exposure until it blushes with a sunscreen product, it can withstand 600 minutes, that is, 30 times more.

Of course, shielding time also depends on other factors, such as sweating, swimming or skin sensitivity. Photosensitive skin, spots, freckles or scars should be protected from the sun all year long and not only when exposed to sunbathing or near the sea.

Studies have also shown that our exposure to the sun is longer during our daily commute to the city, when we go to work and return at noon, an hour of strong sunshine, or when shopping, from our exposure time during summer vacations. .

The sunscreen product should be applied to clean, dry skin and renewed every 2 - 3 hours, if possible, after first cleansing the skin with thermal water.

Also, when we are at sea we need to renew our protection every time we get out of the water, because even waterproof products lose some of their effectiveness.

Your Pharmacist can guide and advise you on the right sunscreen product, be it face, body, or for you or your family members.

Remember that there are products with a thin or viscous texture, in spray or gel, in cream or emulsion, with or without color, that is, whatever you could ask for.

They are fully controlled and in accordance with EU standards.

So it's up to you to look for them and wish us a good summer and definitely safe!

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