#1. Booking a hotel too far from the action

Travel expert John E. DiScala says, “I think this is the biggest mistake [that travelers make when planning short getaways]. It generally takes time to get to and from a city when you stay farther out, and you’re going to have to pay more for transport, too.”
If you’re selecting accommodation near the place of attractions, gives double pleasure to your trip. Don’t hesitate to spent some extra money, because staying far from the vacation place is one of the stupid idea you ever choose.

#2. Checking your bag

Booking a bag can be the bane of your trip when you find out that your luggage is heading for another city once you get to your destination. It could literally take days before you get back your luggage. Read our Article How to Travel Light, because you must avoid packing whole room during short vacations.
If you have any sports equipment that needs to be checked like a surfboard or skis, consider shipping it ahead of time or even better, just rent at the place where you’re going.
Must read How to Travel Light, so you wont have worries for luggage missing.

#3. Trying to make the most of every second

You don’t have to visit every picturesque site in the place where you’re headed. It’s quality travel if you just make the most of one place. Know and set your goals. DiScala says,


Some people want to see it all, and others will go to Paris for a weekend and just want to hang at one café and soak in the culture.

Also, be realistic about your options and means. Depend on your personal preference what you enjoy anyway. Don’t take more than you can handle. The worst thinking around the globe is wanting to take another vacation from the vacation that you’ve been to.

#4. Avoid Cheap Flights & Save Time

Mostly cheap flights give extra facility of switching planes at an airline’s hub. May be you can save handsome amount but cutting vacation time as well.

Probably you are wasting time by saving money. Remember you already have short vacations. Make most out of it.

The idea is to pay extra to go nonstop, especially when you have a short amount of time in a place.

#5. Winging it

Going to spend a short period of time on your vacation spot. Planned your vacation then wing it there. Once you reach without planning, you feel real pain, because your hunger and your hesitation going to destroy your vacation.

Before travel in short period of time, Plan it. Then interesting vacation will made your days.

Research dining options ahead of time, or you can call your hotel’s concierge for recommendations.