If you are looking to access media files (audio and video) stored on your Android phone from your computer, then you can use an app on your smartphone (BubbleUPnP) and a simple yet popular media player (VLC) on your computer. BubbleUPnP will broadcast your music files using UPnP protocol and VLC’s Local Network feature will access the stream via Universal Plug’n’Play.

Detailed Instructions

Software or App Required

  • Install BubbleUPnP for DLNA/Chromecast on your Android device: It has a lot of features like accessing media from UPnP/DLNA servers, local storage on your phone, cloud storage like Google Drive, music providers like Tidal and Google Music. It also has the capability to broadcast using UPnP/DLNA protocols.
  • Install VLC Media Player on your computer: One of the most popular desktop and laptop media players that is also available for smartphones. It does a lot more than just play media but we’re going to access media from your phone using VLC’s inbuilt UPnP stream feature.

Now, that you have those installed, it’s an easy piece to access media stored on your phone from your laptop using VLC. First of all, run BubbleUPnP on your phone. Give it permission to access your locally stored media.

Switch to your laptop. Open VLC and now, all you have to do is navigate to View > Playlists in VLC. There, under Local Network click on Universal Plug’n’Play.

In a couple of seconds, you will see BubbleUPnP Media Server listed there along with the name of your phone. It takes a while for VLC to discover and list all the media that are present in your phone. So, wait a few minutes and you will see folders and sub-folders listed there. They group your music and video according to where they are stored and even streaming media servers like Google Music is listed. Browse through it and double click to play instantly. You can also add and create playlists.

Now, BubbleUPnP is one of the several apps that are available in the Play Store for UPnP/DLNA streaming. The other popular and free ones are: