Google has launched a new feature to their android version (Nought 7.0) to add new language in Android. You don’t need an extra multi language keyboard to switch between languages and input types if you have Google keyboard (G-Board).

Why multi language keyboard is used?
To write multiple scripts to make the user understand or the person you want to convey the message. Switching between multiple languages is easy if you have Gboard installed. It means you can switch between English, Japanese, and Mandarin from the keyboard app itself.

— Why Gboard is so beneficial?
You can switch the keyboards by pressing the keys on the on-screen keyboard itself and without venturing into the settings every time. You can just set the definite set of languages and keyboards, and switching is just pressing a button.

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How to Add New Language to Android

Here are the detailed 4 steps tutorial to add a new language to android and use the multi-locale feature in Android Nougat:

  • Go to Android Settings.
  • Tap on Languages & input under the heading Personal.
  • Tap on Languages.
  • Use the Add a language feature and select an extra language of your choice.

    Add new language in android phones

How to Change Language on Android Phones

No more need to navigate between settings and set multiple languages in Android every time you need for input. You can now be able to switch the input method between several languages that you selected right from the on-screen keyboard. It saves a lot of time for multilingual people.

how to change keyboard language in android

When the on-screen keyboard pops up, tap on the globe key or long press the spacebar key to switch between multiple languages that you selected.

How to Remove Language on Android Phones

Accidentally a person install a new language to android phones and don’t know how to remove language in Android. Here are the simple steps explaining to remove the input method or get rid of new language.

  • Go to the android settings.
  • Tap on Languages & input under the heading Personal.
  • Tap on Languages, at top right corner tap three dots option.
  • Tap on Remove option it allows you to check and delete multiple languages and input methods at the same time.

Gboard is Missing in my Android

You need to install Gboard from play store and then you need to select Gboard(multi language keyboard for Android) as your primary input method.

How to select Gboard as primary keyboard?

  • Go to settings and navigate to languages and input.
  • Tap on Virtual keyboard and tap manage keyboards.
  • Select Gboard as primary keyboard or turn it on.

FAQ’s – Add New/Remove new Language in Android

One you have setup multiple languages in Android, you have some questions which must b answered for better user experience.

Which version support multi-lingual keyboard?

Nougat or 7.0 and above can support multi-lingual keyboard in android.

How to change language on Gboard?

Tap on globe icon at the bottom, then tap space bar to switch between languages in Gboard.

How do i get multi language keyboard android phones?

Simply you have to select Gboard and easily you can now switch between language by pressing the globe icon in the bottom and press the space bar to switch between languages.