Airport Boarding Travel Tips
Now a days every single person tried at least once to travel abroad. Traveling to a new country isn’t so easy because new experience panic them. We are explaining some of the Travel Tips everyone should know while traveling.


What to Do At Airport

Be Early:

Be early because the traffic and other mediums on the roads or the checking at the airport makes you late so be early at the airport may be 1 or 2 hour before for calm boarding.

Stay Calm and Focused:

Stay calm and focused because travel tips includes no panic and hesitation. You will feel guilty and you’re attract other may be airport police feels you danger person. They think may be you are some kind of terrorist so stay calm to avoid mental turbulence.

Watch your Luggage:

Carefully take care of your own luggage because if you missed your eyes, may be some one steal your baggage or anyone can put suspicious material in it.

Travel Light:

Bring Proper Shoes, Clean Undergarments, Small bag, Clothes according to the destination climate. Plan your wardrobe smartly. Took a traveling light easy to carry, because while traveling nobody know the future situations. Toiletries, purse, emergency wear and tear thing specially wheels or no wheels in bag.

Watch out for Thieves:

At airport thieves may pay attention to your luggage because of precious materials. If any one try to put something or try to steal complain to near policeman immediately.

Money Related:

Avoid changing money at the Airport, smart people do watching everyone. Also don’t flash large amount of money in Public. They will try to steal.

What to Wear while Traveling

Wear Comfortable Clothes:

Clothing must be comfortable because it can panic you in front of others.

Don’t display affluence:

If you try to show yourself a wealthy person then you may be look fool(don’t mind) because in this situation you do those things which are not necessary for a normal person.

Avoid layers, belts, and under wired bra:

Shoes Tips:

Don’t wear fussy or tough to remove shoes. May be you need to tight them again for a good walk or Airport staff need to check them for security.

Jewellery Getup:

Avoid jewelries, because you are busy caring luggage. Jewellery, Watches and Necklace; hitch any where. You may feel sad if you loose them. Super Travel Tips avoid expensive jewellery.

What to Bring – Travel Tips


Don’t forget to bring your Passport and visa. As you know it must be necessary for you to bring it. A super Travel Tip never forgot your passport even if you are not traveling ( 😛 ).

ID Card:

Government Issued ID card is also necessary because due to security reason Airport staff want if for verification to enter.

Universal Charger:

Take a universal charger so you can charge Mobile, Tablets or Laptops, anywhere anytime. Now it become part of life. Took extra batteries and essentials.

Internet Capability:

Took a mobile phone which have internet capability. So you can use easily navigation to any where.

Credit Card & Weapons:

Don’t bring any weapon if possible. It is strictly prohibited while boarding. Extra credit cards creates too much burden on you.

Papers & Documents:

Don’t bring any duplicate stuff or documents which are not necessary. Travel Tips include don’t took valuable documents which are not needed to avoid lost.