If you’re craving South Indian cuisine, Amma Restaurant Qatar might catch your eye. Offering a range of Tamil Nadu and South Indian dishes. An affordable and tasteful restaurant with a variety of cuisines.

However, some patrons note that while the food is good, but quite different from than authentic taste of South Indian cuisine. As a true authentic foodie, you will disappoint yourself by seeking traditional flavors.

Cleanliness: One thing to keep in mind is the cleanliness of the establishment, as some have observed a need for improvement in tidiness.

Ambiance & Service: it’s known for its affordability and decent ambiance. Amma Restaurant scores points for its excellent service/

Parking: Availability of free street parking, although finding a spot can be a bit challenging.

Staff: Polite staff member some people say staff are intolerable.

Must Try:

  • Chicken Biryani
  • Samovar tea
  • Mom Mess meal
  • Plain Dosa Roast
  • Pepper Chicken
  • Ghee Rice
  • Variety of Dosa
  • Parota Kuruma
  • Filter Coffee

Gallery – Amma Restaurant

Explore the enticing ambiance and delectable Tamil cuisine of Amma Restaurant Qatar through stunning images, promising a delightful experience.

Reviews – Amma Restaurant

All reviews are provided by genuine individuals who have experienced this, but they are subjective to each customer’s preferences. Taste and dining experiences vary for everyone, reflecting personal choices and preferences.

Poor Hygiene and Quality (Eten Adam)

Poor hygiene and the quality of the food is not good. The attitude of the staff is intolerable.
I would say Amma restaurant is the worst food-serving restaurant in Matar Qadeem.

Never recommend this restaurant.

Order first time and … (Sonal Regina Dsouza)

I ordered from here for the first time, and it was the worst experience. I ordered mutton boti and coin parotta, but the quantity was extremely disappointing. They charged 15 riyal for the boti, which wasn’t even sufficient for one person. The coin parotta, priced at 3 riyal each, were tiny, and the quality didn’t justify the price. Moreover, it wasn’t even properly cooked. I placed my order at 8:45, but it didn’t arrive until 10 o’clock. Overall, it was a very bad experience.

Appreciate the Gesture (Abhishek Kapoor)

I absolutely love the service here! I order my dinner from them every day. The delivery boy is always punctual and polite, and he always listens to our requests with a smile. I really appreciate the gesture.

Affordable and good Taste (shammas kalathil)

Amma Restaurant is conveniently located near Tea Time in Old Airport. Their rates are affordable and the taste is quite good. However, they seriously need to improve their cleaning and service. The wash basin area is often neglected and left dirty. Interestingly, it used to be a Fresh Burger shop before being renamed with the same settings. On a positive note, their chai is also quite good.

Services of Amma Restaurant Qatar

Beside the taste there are numerous services has introduced by Amma restaurant Qatar to facilitate their customers.


They provide the home delivery services and on-time delivery by their staff.

Cooperative Staff:

The staff is Cooperative and polite while taking the order.

FAQs Amma Restaurant Qatar

What about the staff?

There is a 50/50 chance sometimes they are polite and sometimes they are intolerable.

What about the Tamil Nadu Food?

Tamil Nadu cuisine is available and if you’re a Dosa lover they have varieties.

Do they provide Sambar?

Yes, they have but according to customers it is of north Indian style and has poor taste. The sambar leans more towards a North Indian style, which may disappoint you with a traditional taste.

Why people don’t like the South Indian taste of Amma restaurants?

You may find South Indian food at affordable prices but not the real taste you are seeking.

What about the Hygiene of this restaurant?

As customers define hygiene and quality both are in poor condition.

Do they have a home delivery option?

They also provide home delivery and that is on-time delivery.