The key to a healthy mind and body is to eat nutritious foods like fruits, nuts, vegetables, and lean meats. People in both ancient and modern times aspire to stay young forever, yet every minute we breathe, we are losing healthy cells. The body will undergo metabolism, form redox, and at the same time produce active oxygen, which causes cell death or mutations.×300.jpg

Therefore, only by inhibiting the production of active oxygen in the body anti-aging effect can be achieved. A Japanese website called “Life Anti-Aging” specifically recommends anti-aging foods to look younger having high antioxidant properties.

List of Anti-Aging Foods – Antioxidant filled Foods

  1. Cabbage
  2. Garlic
  3. Soy bean
  4. Green tea
  5. Berry
  6. Almond
  7. Banana
  8. Avocado
  9. Pumpkin
  10. Carrots
  11. Brightly colored Fruits

1. Cabbage – anti-aging filled:

When it comes to antioxidant filled foods brightly colored vegetables and fruits are best fit for this purpose. In vegetables cabbage plays an important role for anti-aging effect. The antioxidant is not inferior but it is also rich in vitamins C and K.
Young Cabbage: young cabbages has a higher antioxidant effect. In addition, the isothiocyanate in cabbage has a very strong inhibitory effect on cancer.

2. Garlic – with effective antioxidant

Garlic is a familiar spice in the kitchen, garlic makes food more delicious. Garlic is rich in a component called allicin, which has a very effective antioxidant effect in the body and prevents aging for the body.

3. Soy bean – enrich with Protein & Amino acid:

Soybeans are rich in isoflavones, an estrogen-like phytoestrogen, derived from plants. Isoflavones have anti-inflammatory properties that help regulate the body’s inflammatory response, are anti-oxidants, slow down cellular aging, anti-cancer, and antibacterial.

  1. Soybean dishes are rich in protein, essential amino acids for the body.
  2. Soybeans, have minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and copper.
  3. Soybeans help in strengthen bones and provide energy.

There are studies that show that eating tofu(bean curd) helps you feel fuller for longer and limit weight gain.

Green tea:

Black tea, oolong tea, green tea are all antioxidant drinks, but when it comes to the most effective, green tea is the first choice. Green tea contains polyphenols and catechins that are not only anti-aging, but some experts say it also has anti-cancer effects.


Berries such as blueberries, raspberries, black plums, strawberries and other berry foods are high in polyphenols, vitamin C, and plant fiber, they also have excellent antioxidant properties.


Many doctors suggest that if you want to rejuvenate or improve brain function, you should eat more nut foods, and almonds are the king of nut foods. The abundant amount of vitamin E in almonds inhibits wrinkles or sagging skin, making the skin firm and elastic.


The Japanese have a method of losing weight from bananas, making bananas in supermarkets always out of stock, and money is not sure to buy. It doesn’t matter if bananas work wonders for weight loss or not, but in the ranking of antioxidant foods, it is at the top of this list. Bananas are rich in a trio of antioxidants: vitamin E, vitamin C, and β-carotene, in addition to many other nutrients. So if you want to stay young for a long time, you can eat 1 banana every day.


The abundant vitamin E in avocado has a strong antioxidant effect and can prevent cell aging. In addition, it is also rich in beneficial ingredients such as vitamins C, B, linoleic acid … with so many nutrients, avocado is called a “superfood”.



Brightly Colored Fruits:

Pumpkin and carrots are rich in carotene and are powerful antioxidants. In addition, there are other brightly colored fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and eggplants, which contain lycopene and anthocyanin, which are also high in antioxidant capacity.

Important FAQ’s regarding Anti Aging:

Hope you will have more useful nutritional information for the health of you and your family.


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