Backup database from phpMyAdmin is not difficult, but the question is how to backup MySQL database from xampp folder?. Lastly we have shared import large database in phpMyAdmin, now the time is to backup mySQL database xampp folder. Sounds interesting that Xampp all database backup in one go facility is available.

How to copy database from xampp folder:

A single database backup is easy via panel but read about how to Backup all MySQL databases in XAMPP in just few clicks?. Simple method is to copy mySQL directory from xampp.

  1. Go to your XAMPP installed directory where it is installed. C Drive and XAMPP folder.
  2. Now you have to copy a folder in my Case my folder located at.
    C: > XAMPP > MySQL  and then Copy the Data folder.
  3. Paste that Data folder in your new Computer.
  4. You’re done it’s the best way to backup whole XAMPP databases at once.
Backup All MySQL Databases phpMyAdmin XAMPP
Backup All MySQL Databases phpMyAdmin XAMPP

Above method will work on “how to copy mysql database folder to another computer. Most of the me just wants to get database from xampp folder and copy to another PC. The method solves the to export database one by one instead migrate whole MySQL folder from xampp.

F.A.Q – Backup phpMyAdmin from Folder:

Can we backup mySql database from folder in phpMyAdmin?

If you are searching, to backup full MySQL database backup then yes you can copy .frm files from c:/xampp/mysql/data.

How to migrate all mySQL backup in one click?

Migrate all mysql backup from one computer to another by just copying .frm files from c:/xampp/mysql/data.