Pets that have Epiphora known as excessive tearing, a problem that produces eye discharge in dogs. A dog owner who is careless about tearing in dog, produces bed smell around eyes. Make sure to clean the dog eyes to keep it odorless and skin inflammation under control. After an discharge in dogs could make them scratch their eyes, which collects in hair and make dog eyes smell.

Dogs that rub and whine on their faces introduce bacteria, fungi and impurities, resulting eye boogers smell, infection in skin or makes dog eyes smell.

Cleaning Eye discharge in Dogs:

Redness in the dog’s eye produces due to rubbing or itching. Clean dog eye discharge with “pretty eyes” or “human eye wash with boric acid” as described in video. Clean it a couple of times a day to avoid dog eyes smell problem.


How to get rid of smelly dog eyes?

Owners must take care of eye discharge in dogs because it collects in eyes and skin results in smell around eyes in dogs. Home remedies are another step if you have no option but the first option is to contact a veterinarian about dog eye discharge. Follow the steps below on how to get rid of smelly dog eyes.

  1. First Priority:

    Consult with your veterinarian is the first priority.

  2. Dog eye Cleaning

    Daily clean the eye area 1-2 times a day. During counterattacks, optical (eye) wipers and cleansers are safe to use. To keep the eye area clean and odorless, such as Optixcare Eye Cleaner.

  3. Soothe it

    For cases of inflamed skin around, a warm compress (wet cloth) can help soothe it.

  4. Use E-Collars

    E-collars may be needed to reduce friction and itching until the eye and skin areas have calmed with treatment.

  5. Use Antibiotic (ask vet)

    In the case where there is an excess of bacteria, the veterinarian may indicate the use of an antibiotic.

  6. Prevent Skin Infection

    For severe cases of the tear duct and/or surrounding skin infection, oral antibiotics may be prescribed by your veterinarian.

Which Dog Breeds have Eye discharge problems?

Many dogs specially small dogs breed have smelly and stinky eyes. List of dogs have bad smell around eyes includes;

shih tzu eye tearing and smelling

Shih Tzu

bad smell around eyes

Cocker Spaniel

maltese eye problem discharge


poodle eye redness problem


pug eye discharge problem in dogs



Fixing the Problem – Dog Eye Discharge:

  • veterinary examination is the first step. Excessive tears can be caused by overproduction of tears or blockage of the tear ducts that usually suck tears.
  • Your veterinarian will examine the eye and will likely use a “harmless dye” called fluorescein to check the condition of the cornea (exclude ulcers) and watch the flow of this dye to see if the tear ducts are working and being properly emptied.
  • Reduced or trapped dogs may require additional processing to determine the cause of the blockage.
  • Inflammation, hair, tumors, congenital malformations, damage and teeth are all possible causes of intestinal canal damage or blockage.
  • Finding the root cause is the first step. If the condition can be treated, rupture and odor problems usually resolve on their own.
  • Dogs that have eyelashes that grow toward the eye (called distichiasis ). Other eyelash disorders experience excessive tearing from eye irritation. Eyelid surgery is often indicated for these cases. Once the irritation is removed, the separation problem is solved on its own.

If the problem is not fixable

Some dogs have been missing, small or irregular tear ducts or folds of the face that interfere with tear drainage. Some cases can be repaired surgically, some are difficult to repair. Since this problem involves the eyes, extra care must be taken not to damage or introduce any foreign material (washing, ointments, or other matter) into the eye.

There are over-the-counter products for this problem and tear watering ( hair coloring ) that can result from excessive tearing. These products contain an antibiotic, tylosin tartrate and are not recommended for long-term use as this can create bacterial resistance.

Products that whiten tear-stained hair are also not recommended due to possible eye damage.


Why do dogs eyes water? Mostly asked question is shih tzu eyes are red and watery?

Weather conditions can harm pets like wind, presence of chips or dust can cause dogs eyes water. An eye filters the dust and other environment harshness and tears acts as defensive tool. Excessive If the problem persist consult to a vet immediately. Read our guide of how to find a right vet for pet.

If you are searching for shih tzu eyes are red and watery, every other dog has the same problem. read more.

How to clean dog stinky eye at home?

Dogs have a bad smell around the eyes because of smelly eye discharge and epiphora. Some tips on how to clean dog stinky eyes at home.

1. Keep the hairs short around the eyes of your dog.
2. The eyes should be cleaned every day, using the products prescribed by the veterinarian appropriate for your dog: special wipes, eye cleaning lotions, etc. 
3. Eye cleaners are made especially for pets and are odorless. Instruction will indicate how to use it correctly.
4. If the skin around the eye is inflamed, warm compresses can be applied to relieve discomfort.
5. In the case where there is an excess of bacteria, the veterinarian may indicate the use of an antibiotic. 

How to prevent dog scratching the eyes?

While the treatment lasts, it is recommended to use an Elizabeth collar to prevent the animal from scratching its eye which makes the situation worse.

What to use at home when dog eye stinky?

The veterinary prescribed “special wipes” or “eye cleaning lotion” or “eye antibiotics” can be used on both the eye and the surrounding skin.

What pill stop excessive tearing in dogs?

What are Stinky Eyes in Dogs?

Short noses dogs, or breeds have hair around eyes are prone to smell around eyes. The hairs (due to allergy) and mustache (due to runny nose) collects moisture, gets it along with the hair becomes the reason of bacteria overproduction.

How to fix excessive tearing in dogs