PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is known as one of the foremost widespread application development language. Beside it’s server-side scripting capability, 100’s of frameworks are built using PHP. Explore what are the best PHP frameworks for Agile application development.

PHP’s wide adoption have given rise to varied PHP frameworks, several are specially built for the Agile application development. Usually agile development is to break down the project, release in the market then feedback and again development. Keeping in mind the agenda of Agile development we have shared the list of best PHP frameworks for agile application development.

Best PHP frameworks for agile application development.

There are hundreds of application development frameworks build on PHP. We are sharing around 10 agile application development frameworks.

1. Laravel

Laravel is out and away the foremost widespread PHP framework out there. Introduced back in 2011, provides large system that may be leveraged to create internet application development quicker and easier.

In addition, a developer can scale their projects by using packages for fast developments and called as best php framework for agile development. Laravel template engine known as Blade allows repeatable tasks comparable to caching, authentication, sessions, quiet routing, queuing, etc.

Developers may also relish hassle-free development through Homestead – its prepackaged Vagrant box.

2. Symfony


“Very stable”, “High performance”, “Well documented” and “Modular” – these are a number of the words wont to describe Symfony. Likewise, Symfony is another highly regarded PHP framework that empowers developers with a collection of reusable PHP parts and codes. As a matter of reality, it permits for the event of large-scale enterprise internet applications. attributable to its immense system, giant set of reusable PHP parts, and a really active and engaged PHP developer community. furthermore, its reusable PHP libraries will assist with the completion of tasks comparable to templating, authentication, routing, object configuration, type creation and far additional.

3. Phalcon


Phalcon employs the Model-View-Controller (MVC) internet design style pattern and could be a full stack PHP framework that was engineered as a C-extension (on the artificial language C and C++). As such, it delivers on the speed C and C++ are illustrious for, straightforward to use and well-documented.

4. FuelPHP


“Flexible” and “Full-Stack” are 2 words that best describe FuelPHP – a PHP framework that not solely supports the MVC pattern however additionally extends it by evolving its own version known as HMVC (Hierarchical Model-View-Controller). additionally, FuelPHP is standard and extendible and handles security policies by introducing options of input and URI filtering and output encryption. it’s it’s on authentication mechanism moreover as made options and well documentation.

5. Zend Framework


Zend is another strong PHP framework in the main used enterprise-level and sophisticated comes with nice options comparable to drag-and-drop editor that supports hypertext mark-up language, CSS and JavaScript, info affiliation wizard, instant on-line debugging moreover as PHP unit testing tools, and scientific discipline cryptography tools.

6. PHPixie


Created back in 2012 with the aim of introducing a superior PHP framework for read-only websites, PHPixie is sort of new. rather like FuelPHP it implements the HMVC design style pattern and was engineered to exploitation freelance parts. These parts are accessible to be used while not the framework itself and are one hundred unit tested requiring minimum dependencies.

7. CakePHP


CakePHP brings speed, responsibleness, and security to the current list of best PHP frameworks. It’s a contemporary framework and properly suited to industrial internet applications. what is more, it’s been in the marketplace over a decade currently and still wide adopted and revered. Its made options comparable to type validation, SQL injection hindrance, sensible documentation, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, cross-site scripting (XSS) hindrance, active developer community and plenty of others can keep this PHP framework around for several years to return.

8. Yii


Yii Framework could be a quick, secure and superior PHP framework that may scale back development time considerably with its made options comparable to MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, caching, authentication and role-based access management, staging, testing, php framework in 2018

In addition, despite being one in all the oldest best PHP frameworks it’s quicker than different PHP frameworks therein it’s strictly object-oriented and extensively uses the lazy loading php framework in 2018

9. Slim

In search of a PHP framework that allows you to quickly write straightforward nonetheless powerful internet applications and application programming interfaces (APIs)? Say howdy to Slim. Slim could be a PHP small framework and is minimalistic in style. Thus, it’s glorious for little internet applications wherever a full-stack PHP framework isn’t extremely php framework in 2018

Furthermore, it’s employed by several PHP developers to develop quiet Apis and internet services. It’s full of made options like uniform resource locator routing, client-side communications protocol caching, session and cookie coding, etc.

10. CodeIgniter


Built for PHP developers would like straightforward and chic toolkit to make full-featured internet application. CodeIgniter could be a powerful PHP framework that’s light-weight and easy with hassle-free installation moreover as smallest configuration. Uniquely, it’s not a strict MVC style pattern adherent therein Models and Views are ex gratia, however, Controller categories are a requirement

First of all, let’s take a fast investigate what a PHP framework is and why it improves a PHP developer’s capability to try and do additional, faster, better, and firmly. A PHP framework is internet development design that consists of methodologies, security policies and reusable codes and parts for fast development of internet applications thus eliminating reinvention of the wheel. Its provides varied edges for developers such as:Rapid development and adoption of well-tried best practices.
Reusable codes and parts leading to a structured and reparable internet application.
Inbuilt Model-View-Controller (MVC) internet application style pattern so guaranteeing separation of presentation and logic.
Leverage Object-Orient Programming (OOP) strategies and tools so extending internet applications’ capabilities.
Developer community and time-tested security policies and strategies convenience leading to a safer internet application

Now, PHP’s wide adoption and recognition have given rise to varied PHP frameworks that empower internet developers with the capability to develop and deploy additionally advanced and secure internet applications. Consequently, during this article, we’ll review the simplest PHP frameworks for 2018 and hope it helps you discover the simplest PHP framework to use in your project

Is framework necessary for Agile application development?

Frameworks have object oriented programming approach that empowers a developer to develop and deploy an agile application development environment.