Although Microsoft Windows is the most widely used Operating System around the world, OS X Mountain Lion by Apple is gaining popularity because of new innovative features and programs that are provided. If you’re a Windows user and have been a windows user all your life then you might want to have some change in your life, as they say, “change is good”.

Recently, Apple released the new OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, which includes more than 200 new features and it is receiving excellent reviews from the critics, and many of the windows loving people are thinking of shifting to the Mac OS.

If you are bored with the same interface of windows that you have been using your entire life but at the same time you don’t want to install a new OS and delete all the programs/software installed currently in your PC then you can just change the outlook of your PC and transform windows into Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Although, I did not like the transformation packs for previous windows versions as they would produce a weird-looking mixture of Windows and Mac, this Transformation pack for windows 7 and 8 adds a very real Mac-like touch to your windows PC.

Just download the OS X Mountain Lion Transformation Pack and after you install it, your Windows 7 will magically transform into Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Here are some programs for windows which replicates the most useful features of Mac OS:

1-iCloud: You can download iCloud from apple’s official website. iCloud is compatible with windows and mac both so you can easily install it on your Windows PC.


2-ResophNotes: This is the windows version for Apple’s notes, Resoph can be integrated with a service called ‘SimpleNote’, a note taking service that syncs with desktop computers, iOS devices and web browsers.


[Download ResophNotes]

3-Desktop Reminder: This is the replacement for Reminders which is similar on both, OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 5. It gives you all the features of Reminder and many other features aswell.


[Download Desktop Reminder]

4-Growl For Windows: It is the replacement for the notification center for Mac OS. It’s not very easy to install but still, those who need it can download it.

[Downlaod Growl for Windows]

5-AirParrot for Windows: With AirParrot, Windows users can enjoy giving presentations, watching movies and pictures etc., using the Apple TV.


[Download AirParrot]

Well, after installing all these programs you’ll be able to convince anyone that you are using Mac OS X mountain lion.